Omega Up gets full marks for back to school nerves!

Is your child anxious about going back to school? It can be nerve-wracking for a child to go into a new school or new grade. Here at THE OTHER OPTION we’ve found that Omega-UP works wonders for NATURALLY stabilising children’s moods and sense of well-being especially around times like going back to school or exam time.

Suitable for children from age 10, Omega-Up is available from stockists near you or directly from The Other Option. Please contact Sue Malby on 0861 88 88 39 to order and for more information.

See what mum Ann has to say on Faithful-to- Nature: “My 12-year- old son started using Omega Up about 6 months ago. He is quite an anxious child and it has helped him through the 2nd and 3rd terms of his Grade 7 year, with a marked improvement in his results. We’ll definitely continue using the Omega Up capsules into the future.”

You can order online at Faithful-to- Nature.

And if mum or dad are going through stressful times, it’s fantastic for them too!

Read more about how Omega-Up benefits mood disorders and depression.

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