About 60% of pregnant women experience odd food cravings, often for foods they’ve never enjoyed before.  Some believe food cravings are your body’s way of indicating missing nutrients so for instance craving ice-cream could suggest a calcium deficiency.  We all know about the typical cravings for dill pickles, chilli or chocolate, but there are some truly bizarre combinations that can only be described as baffling for anyone else except the pregnant mom herself: to her, these cravings were heavenly ambrosia!

Incredible non-edibles
The strong desire to eat substances that are not foods is a disorder known as pica.  Some pregnant mums craved the smell of or wanted to taste the following:

“I crave the smell of Radox rosemary stress-relief bath soak. I love it so much I could eat it. I can’t pass the bathroom without going for a sniff.” 

“I needed anything dusty! I loved Shake ‘n’ Vac. People stopped visiting because I used so much that they said they couldn’t breathe. I also craved bath salts, and ate a teaspoon every night. I could have eaten more but was worried that it wasn’t exactly good for me.”

“I had a craving for sand and gravel. I live next to a beach, which was a bit of a nightmare. I couldn’t stop thinking about drinking sand.” 

“I loved chewing sponges in all my three pregnancies, especially after the sponge had been washed with Dove soap, and then rinsed.”

Be grateful your only craving is for chocolate brownies with lashings of cream! 


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