Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological and behaviour-related condition that causes difficulties in concentrating, impulsiveness and excessive energy.  Those diagnosed with ADHD have trouble focusing their attention for any length of time, find it impossible to sit still and are often disruptive in the classroom.  ADHD typically affects mostly males, especially male children and has an average onset age of around 7 although the disorder can begin as young as 4 and may continue well through teen years and even into adulthood.

According to the NIH’s National Institute of Mental Health, the number of children being diagnosed with ADHD is increasing and research indicates that this may be partly related to diet.


A nutrient-dense diet high in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, organic meats (ie: no hormonal additives) will help to keep your child’s blood sugar steady. There’s a lot of research which suggests that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids is significantly beneficial for ADHD.

And if you’re looking to boost your child’s omega-3s, then the top supplement for ADHD is fish oil due to the high levels of omega 3 in fish oil.


Our bodies can’t produce omega-3s on their own which is why we need to eat sufficient quantities in conjunction with taking a good supplement.

If you look at the benefits of omega-3s, it’s not surprising that they play such a significant role in helping with ADHD.  Research shows that omega 3 supplementation, particularly with higher doses of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) could be effective in the treatment of ADHD.

From seven clinical tests, it was discovered that omega-3 fatty acids improved the clinical symptoms of ADHD, such as inattention and hyperactivity, according to reports made by the parents of the observed children. In addition, the study revealed that the reduction in hyperactivity was only seen when the study participants had 500 milligrams per day or more of EPA.

Omega-UP is a triple strength Omega-3 EPA, containing 3 times more EPA than ordinary fish oil.  Each softgel capsule is 100% pure fish oil containing 700mg Omega-3 EPA, 80mg Omega-3 DHA as well as having a superior 7:1 EPA: DHA ratio.

Omega-UP is suitable for children from 10 onwards starting with one capsule a day and increasing to two capsules from age 13.

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