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100% Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil (250ml) , also called pine seed oil or cedar nut oil is a vegetable oil, extracted from the edible seeds of Siberian pine trees. While the oil produced from the seeds of more common European and American pine varieties is mostly used for culinary purposes, Siberian pines (grown in Russia, Mongoliaand Kazakhstan) yield the seeds with the highest content of pinolenic acid, as well as antioxidants associated with medicinal uses.

Serving: mg per 5ml M/M
Pinolenic Acid 820-1095 mg 18-24%
Linoleic acid 1960-2188 mg 43-48%
Oleic acid 1003-1095 mg 22-24%
Stearic acid 91-228 mg 2-5%
Vitamins per 5ml dosage of Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil :

Vitamin A 1.46 mcg, Vitamin D 3.1 mcg, Vitamin E 2.5 mg

Minerals per 5ml dosage of Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil :

Calcium 5 mg, Copper 182 mcg, Iron 866 mcg, Manganese 729 mcg, Magnesium 25 mg, Phosphorus 38 mg, Potassium 30 mg, Sodium 9 mg, Zinc 912 mcg.


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