OMEGA-UP™ Nutritional Information

Clinical studies on OMEGA-UP™ show that doses of omega-3 EPA, and a notably higher EPA to DHA (6:1 or higher) ratio have shown to be effective against depression and mood enhancement


Each capsule contains 1000mg of concentrated Ethyl Ester (EE), pure fish oil made up of

Per Capsule Per Capsule
Omega-3 EPA 700mg 1400mg
Omega-3 DHA 80mg 160mg
Omega-3 (other) 120mg 240mg
Omega-6, 9 and other 100mg 200mg

Product Information

  • Scheduling Status: S0
  • Proprietary Name: OMEGA-UP™ (capsules)
  • Omega-3 Sources: Anchovies and Sardines

Inactive Ingredients

Fish Gelatine 240mg, Glycerine 75mg, Purified Water 35mg.

  • contains no artificial colours
  • no artificial flavours
  • no preservatives
  • no corn, dairy, gluten, sodium, starch, sugar, wheat or yeast
  • molecularly distilled to remove heavy metals and toxins