OMEGA UP™ Testimonials

Stefanie Black, Cape Town

I have been using OMEGA-UP™ for the last 6 months, and can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s a great product when you are struggling to cope with daily life stresses or going through a tough time and really helps to elevate your mood. I recently got divorced and couldn’t have done it without OMEGA-UP™! Thank you for an exceptional product.

Martell Bergh, Cape Town

Love this product. I take it as a daily supplement and would highly recommend it. It’s so much more than just a Omega 3, it has more EPA’s than a regular Omega product. It’s a 100% natural and the best product for depression and mood disorders.

Candice Chemaly, Cape Town

I wish to highly recommend OMEGA-UP™ from The Other Option. I have searched and done loads of research and tested many other products but there is no better natural product to help you feel better especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle. It contains the highest EPA in the market at the best price. It has helped me so much to deal with life’s curve balls.
Thank you The Other Option!

Rosie S, Port Elizabeth

I am so impressed with OMEGA-UP™. My daughter recommended that I try OMEGA-UP™ as I was experiencing mild depression and had been feeling this for quite a while. I wasn’t convinced that omega-3 EPA would lift my spirits as I had been taking good quality omega-3’s for a few years and did not think your product would be very different. I started using OMEGA-UP and after a few weeks I was feeling on top of the world but I still wasn’t convinced that this was the effects of using EPA until I ran out and the heaviness started returning. I started taking OMEGA-UP again and in no time I started noticing the difference in my feelings of well being and general happiness. I am now completely convinced of the importance of your product’s 7:1 EPA to DHA ratio!

D. du Toit, Western Cape

I started taking The Other Option’s OMEGA-UP™ capsules several days before the start of my menstruation. I remember the timing well as prior to menstruating I always suffer from restlessness, insomnia, food cravings, irritability, water retention and a general feeling of depression and feeling down. Within 3 to 5 days of using OMEGA-UP™ I noticed a calmness, I did not connect the dots immediately though. I continued with this until I finished the bottle of 60 capsules which meant I was taking 2 every morning. I then started on the second bottle. By this stage a week had lapsed. I continued with this and had same effect for the following month. I can only explain the feeling as a general feeling of well being and calmness. Currently I take my capsules 14 days prior and during my menstruation and then stop. I have a 10 day break then continue the following month in the same way. During the time that I started taking OMEGA-UP, my partner was diagnosed with cancer, I felt that the capsules definitely made a huge difference to my emotional state and took away the “edginess” associated with emotional stress.

S. Bilyard, Western Cape

OMEGA-UP™ helps me cope with day to day stress – it takes the edge off and helps you handle situations nice and calmly.

M. van Straaten, Cape Town

OMEGA-UP™ has helped me maintain a balanced life. I use it every day and would recommend it to anyone living a modern, busy life. OMEGA-UP™ increased my vitality and sense of well being.
It’s definitely a mood upper of note.