Buy The Other Option’s DIGESTIVE REMEDY™ which is 100% Siberian Pine Nut Oil. A natural, safe and effective stomach / digestive remedy and treatment

We’re fast heading toward spring, but for now, it’s still July, it’s still winter, and it’s still chilly. Winter is the classic time for feeling under the weather, and we like to help you to stay in top condition over the season. We need to keep warm and healthy!

At The Other Option, we know that natural solutions are the way so many discerning shoppers are choosing to go to keep their health in check. And we know why. They are natural, have minimal side effects and have been proven to be effective over many years of traditional use.

Digestive Remedy For Digestion
Digestive Remedy contains Siberian pine nut oil. The unique properties of Siberian pine nut oil are the perfect solution to supporting your digestive and your general health. So, if your constant stomach pain is cramping your style, Digestive Remedy can help. Digestive Remedy is the proven solution to acid reflux, bloating, abdominal burning, IBS, constipation, gas, heartburn, and so many more stomach issues.

Weight Loss Solution And More
If you struggle with your weight, Digestive Remedy can help. Not many people know this, but good digestion goes a long way to helping with weight control. The Siberian pine nut oil in Digestive Remedy has been proven to reduce the body mass index by 9,8% over three months! So, as long as you are also paying attention to your kilojoule-controlled diet, and getting enough exercise, you’re well on your way to some serious weight loss.

Digestive Remedy has also been shown to lower cholesterol, lower the risk of osteoporosis and boost your immunity.

In addition, if you’ve ever suffered from eczema, you’ll know that a solution to that is like gold! We at The Other Option have had regular customer feedback on the efficacy of Digestive Remedy in improving skin conditions, including eczema, acne, psoriasis and more.

Siberian pine nut oil is also used by many as an overall health tonic with its amazing ability to boost energy levels. Clear skin and a spring in your step – what more do you need? Pop over to our [website] for more ways in which Digestive Remedy can keep you in top condition all year round!

Where Can I buy Digestive Remedy?
Keen to give our products a go? You can purchase online – convenience at your fingertips, and we offer worldwide shipping.

Otherwise you can locate a stockist near you in South Africa, and further afield, including Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom!

So whether you’re in the big city or living in paradise, you will have no trouble getting your hands on our products. Keep yourself and your family healthy and full of energy this winter. It’ll soon be time to pack away those winter woollies!