It’s normal to feel a bit anxious at times – before starting a new job, writing an exam, speaking in front of a group of people. But if you suffer from anxiety or its close cousin panic disorder, it can feel overwhelming, as if you are suffocating or drowning.

Your heart may race, your skin may tingle or your face feels like it’s going numb. You may sweat profusely, hyperventilate, feel your chest is being squeezed or feel suddenly dizzy.

And that’s one of the key characteristics of anxiety, it’s not just emotional, it has a physical dimension as well. Sometimes you may feel so overwhelmed you can’t take anything in, you can’t see or hear anything and you literally cannot think.

You feel almost paralyzed because your blood leaves the prefrontal cortex and goes into the body, it leaves the thinking part of your brain.

Why anxiety disorders matter

Despite how common they are, anxiety disorders continue to be dismissed as ‘just worrying’ instead of debilitating, disabling conditions that require treatment.

While a little bit of anxiety can be beneficial by keeping us alert and safe, people with untreated anxiety disorders experience overwhelming, uncontrollable feelings of dread or fear that can interfere with daily life and prevent them from doing the things they want to do.

Learning more about these conditions is one way to help combat mental health stigma and get help to the people who need it.

Inflammatory conditions are indicated in chronic anxiety and mood disorders and the Other Option’s OMEGA-UP™ can offer natural support for anxiety symptoms because it addresses inflammatory states.

EPA (a 20-carbon essential fatty acid building block) helps the body synthesize eicosanoid hormones which help to reduce inflammation, and therefore offer a natural solution for helping to manage anxiety.

Clinical studies show that EPA is effective when taken in high doses, specifically in a ratio of at least 6 times more EPA than DHA. OMEGA-UP™ boasts a 7:1 EPA:DHA ratio, offering the ultimate formula for feeling up!